2019 edition: Living Legacies


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from all over the world

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Humankind has come to a turning point in its evolution as it must acknowledge it has gained the power to alter not only its children’s life but also their biological, technological and cognitive perspectives for centuries to come, either in a positive or a negative way.

Should we focus on our mere survival in the short run, through a fully technology-oriented perspective, or should we adopt a broader outlook on our era to consider “transmission” as a more viable way to take up the challenges we are exposed to?

The idea of legacy accounts for a bridge between various areas, their customs, their achievements, their beliefs. One way or the other, a legacy is always built, though often unconsciously.

Therefore, to make the structure of a legacy apparent, we plan to explore as many subjects as Technology and Ethics, past and tomorrow’s education, space exploration, new energies and our interaction with the environment. These topics are a breeding ground to reflect over legacies we inherited, we are building and those we leave to our children.



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